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Seal Team Australia is a leading supplier of sealing products and related items to the world’s oil and gas producers.

The SealTeam Experience

Over 80 Years of Experience: Our experienced team can provide you with seal kits for any application. Whether you need seals for a new model or old equipment with obsolete parts, we’ll provide the right kit for you.

Quality Products: Get a product that stands up to your demands, our seals are constructed with the highest quality materials. Whether you buy one seal or a complete cylinder seal kit, you’re getting a product that’s built to last.

Seal for Any Environment: We have a variety of products in different materials to ensure that they perform their best in any environment. From freezing temperatures to extreme heat and humidity, at SealTeam we’ve got you covered.

Custom Products: Need a specialised product? Doing a restoration? We can help!

Quick Service: SealTeam understand the cost of downtime. Our team can quickly package and send a seal kit to you, local or worldwide shipping. Getting you your seals as soon as possible.

High Pressure Sealing Components

High Pressure Sealing Components

For almost two decades Seal Team Australia has worked closely with the design engineers and operators to develop and manufacture new materials, seals and other products for highly aggressive environments.

From exploration to production both offshore and onshore, from terminals to desert pipelines, Seal Team Australia has the products and services that help you improve your downtime and operational efficiency.

Seal Team Australia’s oil and gas products consists of high pressure sealing components ranging from O-rings in NBR to FFKM. Seal Team Australia have developed special ranges for dynamic or static applications, covering down-hole, surface equipment, valves, pipelines and riser systems.

With many explosive decompression resistant elastomers, each developed for sealing application in oil and gas industry and certified to Norsok M-710 you know Seal Team Australia’s got it covered.

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