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• Suitable for moist environments, good gliding material
• Applicable for backup rings and guide rings

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POM – Acetal

POM – Acetal

Polymethyloxide, commonly known as “acetal resin”, is used to manufacture bushings, backup rings and Bearing rings in cylinders.It features excellent properties in terms of stiffness, high shock resistance and fatigue strength and high modulus of elasticity.It is not hygroscopic, therefore offers outstanding dimensional stability and can take heavy radial loads, with or without additional fillers.Depending on the additive type and content percentage, many different versions are available. Examples include glass-fibre-filled POM, used to manufacture bearing rings intended for contact with steel surfaces, and PTFE-filled POM to reduce friction.To manufacture parts in combination with soft metals, such as aluminium or brass, the virgin polymer should be the used.

BTPOM85D 85 ± 3 White -50 to +90 Polyacetal suitable for moist environments Download

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