Working Life of a Seal

    The working life of a seal can be dramatically enhanced when the exposure to heat, humidity, oxygen, ozone and other solvents is kept in check. Keeping storage areas dry, cool, reasonably ventilated and free of foreign or dust particles is essential.

    Temperatures should be no greater than 38°C and lighting tubes should be at least one metre away from stored products. The optimal storage humidity is 65% and products should not be stored in areas where they could be exposed to ultraviolet light. Solvents such as cleaning agents, fuels and lubricants should not be stored in close proximity of the seals. Storing products in sealed plastic bags reduces exposure to foreign contaminants.

    Products should not be stored under lateral loads, in bending or deformed conditions as this can result in damage. Being in contact with iron, brass and copper can also result in damage.

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